Frequently Asked Questions

How long before arriving to Japan should I place my order?
We recommend you to place your order at least three days before the day you want to pick-up your pocket Wi-Fi. However in some cases we can also accept same-day order.
How can I extend my rental period?
To extend your rental period, simply contact us by telling us for how long you would like to extend your contract. We will then send you with a payment request for the extra days. 
Is the data really unlimited?
Yes, our device comes with truly unlimited data. There is no cap either on speed or data. However please be aware that in some extreme cases, the mobile service provider might implement a Fair Usage Policy that is out of our control.
How can you be so much cheaper than other providers?
We are working since several years in partnership with different Japanese providers to offer you the best service possible. This means that we can negotiate contracts with them at preferential rates, and that we can pass these savings on to our customers. 
How and where can I receive my pocket Wi-Fi?
You can pick-up pocket Wi-Fi at the airport, or we can deliver it at your hotel or a post office near your residence. Please be aware that due to security reasons, we cannot deliver to Airbnb apartments. 
How to return my pocket Wi-Fi?
Simply drop the provided prepaid envelope in any postbox in Japan. Simply be careful to do it before passing the immigration at the airport, are none are available after the security gates.
What payment methods are available?
We currently provide payment via Paypal and credit cards.
Can I make calls with my pocket Wi-Fi?
Sadly no, our pocket Wi-Fi can be used only for data connection. However, you can make calls via third-party VoIPs apps, such as Messenger, Skype, etc.


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